Shoalhaven Hunting Club   

This web site has been set up for the members of the Shoalhaven Hunting Club ,
and other interested persons  in an effort to promote lawful usage of firearms. Shoalhaven Hunting Club members , the SHC Committee , and the administrator of this web site accept no responsibility at all for any material that the viewer of this site finds offensive , or for any injury that is sustained by using any information from this site , or from one of the links from this site. Before you enter this site you should be aware of these things:

      This is a HUNTING site , and information and pictures about hunting
 are present.

     This site contains links to other sites that may have material relating to loading ammunition or handling hazardous materials.

     If you think that any of this material may offend you,  would you please leave this site now. By entering this site you assert you are a responsible adult and take responsibility for yourself. 

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